The digital age has brought us progress and speed of communication.

Now we have at our disposal e-mail, sms, mms…

Instead of a good old colorful postcard in the mailbox,

today a smile on the face of family and friends

(but also to some completely unknown and uninvited people)

provoke posts on Facebook, Twitter…

We no longer send postcards to please Friend and

tell him how dear he is to us or how fondly we remember him…

Now from the comfort of a toilet bowl we send messages to the world

how "real good" is to us - where we have all been, with whom,

what do we drink and eat, when and when…

There, someone is already hissing: "Well, the postcard is not far from

the Facebook self-advertisement." But as Comrade Konta wisely said, "

Maybe the same, but not similar."

That is exactly why Mirjana and I started making our postcards at the beginning

of the millennium: intimate, warm, happy and sad.

And as Mirjana said: “We are romantics. We try to put a smile back on the faces

of friends, a smile that means a lot to us! ”

Buy a postcard or, come on, be a little more creative and make it yourself;

you can also take one of those free ones, paste the stamp,

find an address and a pen, write or draw something funny,

or print a kiss, well, it can be empty - without text, but always with good wishes

and just find the mailbox ...

Send, finally, that postcard!

You will see, a smile will not be missed.