June 22, 1992 was a quiet and sunny day. In the former Šipad furniture salon across

from the National Bank in Titova Street, there were a lots of smiles, hugs and joy.

The first war exhibition opens in besieged Sarajevo. Ajan's anti-war cartoons.

Spectators gathered and everything looks normal

A deafening explosion interrupts the ceremony!

June 22, 1992 is just another day of death in besieged Sarajevo.

Many years later, in my office at the Hague Tribunal, I reviewed the material taken that day, looking for shots that could fit into a film about the suffering of Sarajevo civilians. One shot in particular catches my attention; a mother with a child in her arms, flees from the chaos of a recently exploded grenade, seeking safety from one of the nearby passages.

What is that second, as they are only one second in the film, when you run to protect the child from killing. How long is the second that changes the balance between life and death.

Sarajevo 1992

(polyptych/24 photos)

A second in the war, the agony of a mother trying

to save the life of a child in a besieged city.

The Hague 2002

(polyptych/24 photos)

A second in the life of a mother standing with her child

in front of a shop window shops in the free city.

Obviously, we don't have to ask for a difference!

Still ... a lot of questions remain open.

A second in life you'll never forget,

a second in life you will never remember.