Exhibition  in “ANNA” gallery


  Light, shadow, color. Facial expression, posture: movement in the immovable. Three-dimensional action reduced to two dimensions: the photograph. A minimized, yet expressive image painted in light: FOTOGRAFARE.

   This could be a summary of what this jury managed to distill, after a long work, from the magnitude of 1989 works which arrived from 223 photographers from 30 countries, from almost all the continents, to compete in the categories of individual photograph and collection/series. It was a Cindarellian task, to handpick from a voluminous, very heterogeneous ‘raw material base’ only the most valuable, the most impressive, the works with a capacity to, in the form of the International Triennial ‘Theatre in Photographic Art’, rivet the viewers’ attention to the exhibition boards. The attention of the man in the street because each exhibited piece has its own high visual and a esthetically value, and the theatre professional’s attention because the same photographs speak, primarily, in the language of theatre. The extracted moments, seemingly trivial details, speak about the show, usually recognizable through these fragments to those who feel at home in the world of plays, directing and acting. Through this triennial the limelight is focused on the audiences that appreciate theatre, just like the authors, organizers and the jury of this exhibition love theatre and theatre photography.